Blossom Blog – Planes, Goats and Aoutomobiles!!


The Journey…well, it was long…very long! After getting a flight from Spain too Ireland, followed by 12 hours of insane boredom, there was the small matter of a transatlantic flight and a road trip from New York,via 11 states, too New Orleans. At this point I would like to say that Virginia was by far the prettiest and Alabama by far the least scenic of the states.
People up around the NY/DC area cannot drive!! On our first day on the road we came across 6 different accidents. When you consider that from Virginia on we didn’t see one you get what I mean…I think crashing is the true American sport! Nashville is a great town. People there were v.friendly and it has a great vibe too it. Also, the new Dodge Ram is nothing short of mammoth in size! I have seen smaller countries!!
We took our time on the drive as this is Paul’s ‘vacation’ from work and he gets huge props for driving the whole way. It rained for nearly 100 miles coming towards NOLA and it was of biblical proportions. Neither of us had experienced rain like it but New Orleans itself has been lovely and warm. Matt and Adam had there own epic adventure including free upgrades and missed flights but got here only 2 hours late and exhausted but beers were had and catch ups took place. Our comedy moment so far has been courtesy of Whitney Houston’s – I will always love you (with goat) so cheer yourself up and find it on YouTube.
Yesterday was photos, load in and set up followed by rehearsal. This was the first time during the entire process that we had all been together in 6 years and obviously the first time we had ever played the songs together. Yet, they all sound amazing!! It was remarkably painless putting them together considering our lack of opportunities of ‘full band’ playing until yesterday. Which brings us too now…and as I sit in the living room we are 3 hours from starting to record Blossom!! 6 months on from Paul’s random phone call we have convened thousands of miles away from where we used to be a band and become one again. This is very much ‘Our’ album. Stupidly excited in The Big Easy,

3 thoughts on “Blossom Blog – Planes, Goats and Aoutomobiles!!

  1. Very pleased to read that you all arrived safely! A challenge in it’s self by the sounds of it. Have checked out a Whitney w/goat vid, thanks for that, LMAO! Cheered up a wet UK Friday no end!…Take care ~x~

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