Tea the saviour!

There is a great quote in Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ which goes uncredited and is as follows….

“every day wounds, the last one kills!”

Safe to say that there could be no more perfect quote in context of how I am right now! I am currently sat drinking a tea and listening too Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols in Dublin airport terminal 2 suffering major sleep deprivation and a throat that feels like its being wire brushed every time I swallow. My flight isn’t for another 6 hours and I’ve been here for 5 already. Airport hotels are all booked up due to earlier flights getting cancelled so this isn’t exactly comfy and relaxing.

I have my sleeping pills primed and ready for the flight and am praying to the Deity of your choice for a good sleep and to wake up pretty refreshed for the arrival Stateside and the drive with Paul down too Charlottesville, VA for our overnight. I can’t wait for our little road trip! Surely it is the perfect mood setter for recording?! A nice little sojourn through eastern USA. It is a given that every song to be recorded will be dissected and discussed, lyrics will be mulled over, sounds will be given examples and influences listened too. So for now I will finish my tea (milk..half a sugar and strong) and enjoy Don’t fear the Reaper which has just come on….and suddenly changed too Back in Black for some reason… and fight off sleep for another few hours and prepare myself for the mental cavity search international travel always is!!

Peace!! Ali #tootiredforsconesindublin



2 thoughts on “Tea the saviour!

  1. Olga San Miguel says:

    So hear your are feeling bad, but an advance welcome to all of you coming to the US. Have a safe journey and we can’t wait for the results!

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